Weather API
Access current weather data for any location including over 200,000 cities
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Error Code
By city name
By geographic coordinates
By IP address
By city name
Call by city name or city name, state and country code. city name, state and country code divided by comma, use ISO 3166 country codes.

JUHEAPI Explorer - API testing tools

JUHEAPI Explorer allows you to call an API through its web interface , and view the entire process

Request Parameter
apikey yes string the API KEY
q yes string city name, for example: London,uk suzhou,cn
Request Example
curl -i -k ",uk&apikey=xxxx"
Return Parameter
code string the error code
msg string the response description
data array the data
name string City Name
weather string The Weather
weather_description string The Weather Description
temp string The emperature
humidity string The humidity
pressure string The pressure
sunrise string Sunrise time, unix, UTC
sunset string Sunset time, unix, UTC
wind_deg string Wind direction, degrees (meteorological)
wind_speed string Wind speed.
timezone string Shift in seconds from UTC
Return Example
{ "code": "0", "msg": "success", "data": { "name": "London", "weather": "Clouds", "weather_description": "scattered clouds", "temp": "45.1", "humidity": "65", "pressure": "1000", "sunrise": "1583217649", "sunset": "1583257456", "coord": { "lon": -0.13, "lat": 51.509999999999998 }, "wind_speed": "11.41", "wind_deg": "250", "timezone": "0" } }