Self-Managed API

JUHEAPI provides a platform for access to API production/procurement, online transactions, call executions through API documents. The self-managed e-commerce platform enables better control of APls' sources, quality and supply, thus providing better products and services to our clients.

A Trusted Leader

For the past ten years, JUHEAPI has served many international conglomerates like Alibaba, Huawei, Samsung, BMW, Airbus and more... JUHEAPI has a proven record of accomplishments with advanced technology and experience in the world of APIs.

Lower Cost and
Higher Efficiency

JUHEAPI can help companies find and execute the right APIs quickly and efficiently. It will save clients time and money and enable them to be more competitive.

Why Choose JUHEAPI



API Development Costs




Cost of using JUHEAPI


99.999% call success rate, low latency, high concurrency and high data quality.


Access to hundreds of APIs after signup.

Low Price

Low prices, pay only what is needed and available immediately.


Ensure that each API is compliant, secure, and stable.

Our Clients

We provide services to those and more...